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the neo mortal


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skincare that behaves so you don't always have to

tailored to every skin type

Our lab, our formulations

Every one of our products is meticulously crafted in-house, in our very own lab. This not only fuels our creativity but also guarantees top-notch, unique formulations, all without outsourcing or taking shortcuts.
Designed for the uncompromising skincare aficionados, our passion for excellence sparks us to produce products that deliver wow-results and feel amazing.
the neo mortal strikes the perfect chord between sustainability and outstanding results. Just like a power-packed smoothie, we give you the best of nature and science, without compromise.

Our approach

the verdicts are in

I've been struggling to find a serum that works for my dry, sensitive skin that flares up with eczema. This serum is perfect - it's lightweight, moisturising, and incredibly calming

all calm redness relief serum

Sophie P

This moisturiser has changed the game for me. I have mature skin and it keeps me hydrated all day, something I have never had from any other cream. It feels so beautiful too - amazing neo mortal. 10/10

intensive face moisturiser

Tiff W

I received this cleanser as a gift and since introducing it into my routine, for the first time ever I’ve not experienced my usual flare up of hormonal acne each month. It’s a lovely formulation and so gentle on my skin too. Won’t be able to go without it now!

all clear cleanser


I absolutely love this moisturizer. It's lightweight but still very moisturising, and the scent is delicious without being overpowering. It's perfect for use under makeup, and I use it day and nigh

hydrating face moisturiser

Ava. T

My favourite moisturiser! I don’t have super sensitive skin, but implemented this into my routine to keep my skin happy while I use the all clear cleanser, retinol and chemical exfoliants. The texture is wonderful; it sinks into the skin quickly and is the only moisturiser I’ve used that keeps my skin feeling plump and hydrated for most of the day

all calm face moisturiser


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we care about community, sustainability and our environment