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Treading Lightly, Acting Boldly

We believe in walking the talk. Honesty, ethics, and integrity are our non-negotiables. From the ingredients we source to the partnerships we nurture, everything's crystal clear - like the perfect facial toner.

We don't just work with suppliers; we form alliances with those who share our vision for a sustainable, eco-conscious world. We're in the business of supporting local heroes – farmers, co-ops, and indigenous communities, always with an eye on their well-being and the environment they enrich.

Our products have a strict guest list – parabens, sulphates, petroleum-based ingredients, silicones, and animal-derived nasties need not apply. We've got zero time for animal testing. Our products are tested by and for humans, that's it.



Here's the deal – we love Mother Earth and we're fiercely committed to minimising our footprint. We employ sustainable practices, ethical supply chains, and are all for responsible farming methods that lower waste and reduce overharvesting.

Our manufacturing ethos is green at heart, with a clear focus on fair pay and worker rights. We only partner with those who share our best management practices. And let's not forget the indigenous co-ops we work with who harvest our Australian botanicals



The way we package matters, too. We use a cocktail of post-consumer recycled materials to create packaging that's recyclable, compostable, or reusable. We're in cahoots with suppliers who are committed to reducing their material footprint - some now using nearly 40% less plastic than just a few years ago.

Our lightweight bottles aren't just svelte, they also require fewer raw materials and less fuel for transport, while remaining fully recyclable. But this is just the start of our packaging journey; we're always on the hunt for innovations that push boundaries and challenge the status quo.


grey water

We're mindful about every drop we use. Our ingredients are safe for both people and the planet, so our grey water remains contaminant-free.

Got questions? Don't be shy! Reach out to us, and our lab team will be more than happy to provide answers. Because at the neo mortal, we're all about the bare-faced truth.