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our skincare story

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on a mission

Our pledge is straightforward, yet audacious: To concoct plant-derived, natural skincare miracles suitable for every skin type.
Our aim? To transform your skin into something irresistibly smooth and radiant.
We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our beloved customers and our community.
We traverse the globe, questing for the absolute best ingredients, building lifetime alliances with our suppliers, embracing diverse cultures and ensuring we always give more than we receive. 

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are you, skincare curious? 

From the creators of the 2020 cult brand Hand Combat, the neo mortal promise to provide natural skincare that works as hard as you do. Brainchild of John and Deb Burkin, dreamt up in their chic lab in artsy Collingwood.
Our MO? To take all the science-y stuff and make it digestible for you. We want to make sure that you get what our products can do and with just a little trust, you’ll find that we’ve got all your skincare concerns covered. That's the world we’re dying to co-create with you.

your cabinet’s showing 

Living in a family of skincare champions, John often found himself playing dodgeball with tubes and jars tumbling out of the bathroom cabinet.
Why, he pondered, do we have so many similar products from different brands? Some products were duds, their failings ranging from lack of visible results, to ones causing irritation, breakouts, or worse, those that contained nasties.
This experience sparked a fire in John, igniting a lifelong obsession and setting him on the path to skincare greatness.

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why bother?

John’s mantra is clear, unless his products are 'solving a problem more efficiently than what’s out there... why even bother?'
Skincare isn't just a job for him; it's an obsession.
Deb, having suffered from reactive skin her whole life, had yet to find her holy grail product. Until John, her knight in shining lab coat, came up with a balancing toner that amplified Deb's skincare routine.
Soon, their friends and family - blemish-ridden teenagers included - wanted a piece of this skin-perfecting pie.

utterly obsessed 

John, with his years of plant science expertise, found himself completely head-over-heels in love with creating naturally based skincare. With a deep respect for modern extraction techniques, he understands the intricate dance of biological systems.
Many an hour was spent in the neo mortal's swanky lab, concocting formulas with plant-based ingredients and a holistic, science-based approach.
Deb, a veteran marketing exec from some of Australia's most beloved retail brands, understands the significance of a good brand story. Together, they launched the neo mortal.

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sharing our knowledge

Our promise to you? To share everything we know about skincare and the secrets we unearth along the way.
the neo mortal experience is more than just skincare; it's an education in the science of it. Understanding how different ingredients can come together to tackle your personal skin concerns, leading to the confidence that comes with absolutely glowing skin.