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YULANI - about

YULANI is an umbrella of transformative beauty brands formulated for the discerning individual. 

Parent to The Neo Mortal & Hand Combat YULANI was conceived in Melbourne by co-founders John Grozdanov & Deb Burkin.  

Living in a household of skincare advocates John would occasionally open the bathroom cabinet and a hoard of skincare products would fall out. Frustrated at having to force all the products back in - he couldn't help but ask why so many similar products were purchased. The family members went through each abandoned product & explained a myriad of reasons - "this didn't deliver a result...", "these stopped working...", "these irritated my skin...", "these made me breakout...".  "this one contains nasty ingredients..." 

Whats more - Deb, despite using some of the most established & recognised skincare available  - had experienced a lifetime of highly reactive sensitised skin.

John with decades of experience in the area of plant science, was adamant he could find a natural solution.  It started with a balancing toner for Deb that would compliment her existing skincare regime  - before John knew it friends & family - including blemish prone teenagers - were demanding similar elixirs for their problematic skin - before he knew it his pursuit to create the best high performing natural skincare became an obsession.

A high bar was set - he was on a mission to create wow products, that were naturally based and would outperform Debs best existing, and quite expensive synthetic products in multiple ways, otherwise why bother.

John's enthusiasm saw him turn his full focus to skin care in 2016.  Morphing into the category came naturally to John given his long standing & deep-seated respect & appreciation for the complexity & interdependence of all biological systems. 

He started by building a small scale lab at home - Deb would come home from her job as a Marketing executive - and find the place strewn with Spirax notebooks filled with pages of skincare notes along with articles from the latest credible scientific research publications.

Debs passion for marketing acquired through decades of experience working with some of Australia's most loved retail brands across a multiple Marketing functions - saw the two combine their passions and trigger YULANI.

John continued in his lab for years mixing & developing formulas – all the time utilising plant based ingredients and taking a holistic science based view. For many years John had observed how modern extraction methods & delivery systems had evolved and became obsessed with creating naturally based skincare that was as effective as some of the most prized skincare brands in the world - he was on a mission to create highly efficient natural skincare – from application through to performance. 

Recognised the skincare industry was in dire need of a revolution and today YULANI has emerged as a disruptor in its category.