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our approach

Australian made and owned the neo mortal exists to solve all your skincare conundrums. Straight from our buzzing hub in edgy Collingwood, we are relentlessly passionate about whipping up skincare miracles.

Our unique prowess? Catering to every skin type and concern you can imagine, using the latest advancements in green cosmetic chemistry and plant science.

without compromise

Elegant and naturally sourced, the neo mortal is your go-to skincare arsenal, armed with everything you need for a glowing complexion. All our ingredients are plant-derived and non-toxic, so you can get that glow without a worry in the world.

Our mission is to create progressive, highly functional products that not only improve your skin but also give it a radiant inner-health.

With our modern techniques and featherlight, non greasy feel upon application, you'll love the way your skin feels. We're adamant about not cutting corners when it comes to skincare. That's why our products are made uncompromisingly, just like the perfect cappuccino.

research & results

Results are our top priority. With a treasure trove of phyto-compounds (the A-listers of antioxidants) and innovative Liposomal Delivery Systems for sustained release, we use only the most researched and proven ingredients. Every ingredient is added at just the right concentration to make sure your skin gets maximum benefits.

We're dedicated to sourcing certified natural ingredients, focusing on Australian-grown botanicals that pack a punch of effectiveness and skin compatibility.

The result? Non-comedogenic skincare that feels heavenly and works wonders. And if you're scratching your head about the term non-comedogenic, it's not an unattractive self deprecating comedian, it's skincare lingo for products that won't block your pores.

safety & performance

Each of our products go through rigorous safety and performance evaluations, then trialled and tweaked until they're just right.

We don't magically perfect our formulas by finding a four leaf clover or riding on the back of a mystical unicorn. Sometimes it takes over thirty trials to achieve the pinnacle of effectiveness.

Check out the high performing ingredients in each product and see just how many multi-tasking actives are working their magic to make your skin look absolutely fabulous.

our lab, our formulations

Every one of our products is meticulously crafted in-house, in our very own lab. This not only fuels our creativity but also guarantees top-notch, unique formulations, all without outsourcing or taking shortcuts.

Designed for the uncompromising skincare aficionados, our passion for excellence sparks us to produce products that deliver wow-results and feel divine.

Remember when plant-based safe and sustainable products used to play second fiddle to synthetics? Not anymore.

the neo mortal strikes the perfect chord between sustainability and outstanding results. Just like a power-packed smoothie, we give you the best of nature and science, without compromise.

sustainability & transparency

Our pledge to you? Operate with honesty, ethics and integrity, always. We're an open book, from the ingredients we use to the people we collaborate with.

Our products are only tested on willing humans. We team up with like-minded, eco-conscious and sustainable suppliers. We're proud to support local farmers, indigenous grower co-ops and we take into account the well being of workers and the environment they thrive in.

Our entire range is free from nasties like parabens, sulphates, petroleum-based products, silicones, micro plastics and animal-derived ingredients.

If you're curious about any ingredient we use, just give us a shout and our lab team will be thrilled to help.

sharing our knowledge

Our promise to you?

To share everything we know about skincare and the secrets we unearth along the way.
the neo mortalexperience is more than just skincare; it's an education in the science of it. Understanding how different ingredients can come together to tackle your personal skin concerns, leading to the confidence that comes with absolutely glowing skin.